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Tips For A Better Business Website 

The weight of your business website in today’s market is heavy.  You need to have an excellent business website to really gain some ground in any industry.  

Having a website isn’t the same as having a successful website.  If you’re looking for more ways to refine your site, start with some light research.  Here is a brief look at some tips for building a better business website. 

Add a simple navigation bar 

Navigation is a basic element of a website, but this particular element makes a huge impact on how long people will stay on your website once they land.  With a basic navigation bar intact, users can easily see where they need to go to find the information they seek.  

Check out how this memory care facility set up their website.  Through two simply formatted navigation bars, you can find out everything you need to know about this senior care center.  

Design for speed 

Speed is everything on the internet.  People living in this fast-paced world won’t sit around waiting for your pages to load.  They will simply move on to the next search result.  In fact, you have just under 3 seconds to catch the attention of users once they arrive.  

You can’t afford to waste your first three seconds with a new user on slow loading speeds.  Make sure you invest in speeding up the loading times of your website, so no user is left waiting.  

Integrate the concepts of SEO

Aligning your website design with the various concepts of search engine optimization will help your pages be more visible to web users.  Google and other search engines use algorithms to sort and rate pages in seconds.  

SEO is simply going to teach you how to better serve those algorithms pages of content that are easily identifiable and rankable.  Dive into SEO, and learn the various design elements that matter most when you’re looking to top the SERPs (search engine results pages).  

Build to your mobile audience 

Mobile users are the majority online, and your website should be built to serve mobile users.  Mobile optimization means that your pages are light.  

For starters, when adding text to your content, write in short choppy paragraphs.  When mobile users are reading text, just a few sentences looks like a long read on a smartphone screen.  

Use high quality images and videos

Your website needs to be aesthetically pleasing to users.  Pay attention to the color scheme you use in your design.  There is a psychology behind color that should play into your choices.  

The same goes for images and videos.  People need something other than text to spawn true engagement.  Make sure your images and videos are high quality, so they don’t slow down loading speeds along the way.  

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