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The Hottest Cyber-Security Trends for 2022

Undoubtedly, 2021 has been a record-breaking year for extreme data breaches and cybercrimes all around the world. Thanks to the sudden increase of remote work opportunities due to COVID which opened doors to several types of online crimes across the globe.

During the pandemic, all small and large-scaled businesses experienced a noticeable increase in online crimes.  Unfortunately, at the same time when millions of people took this remote work trend as a new opportunity to grow and learn, the scammers took the maximum advantage of new vulnerabilities formed by the remote work structure. For instance, the most prominent cybercrimes were online data thefts, scamming, ransomware, and more.

With cyber criminals showing no signs of slowing down on their scamming activities, we can already predict that 2022 is going to be another tough year for the corporate world, especially in terms of cybersecurity. So, as you officially step into the second half of 2022, we recommend you keep a track of the latest trends and innovations in cybersecurity for the current year. It will help to prevent several types of phishing or scamming attempts, and also allow you to enjoy a peaceful web time.

Here are our top four picks for cybersecurity trends in 2022. Let’s dive in!

Online Ransomware Attacks

Unfortunately, the ever-growing ransomware cases have left the security agencies with no choice other than to upgrade their overall security standards across the state. According to UK National Cyber Security Centre, businesses faced a triple increase in online ransomware cases during the first three months of 2021, as compared to 2019. Needless to mention, that figure is not only extremely high but also pretty alarming!

According to PwC researchers, 61% of tech executives predict that this ratio will go even higher in 2022 – sadly, once again we can totally blame it on the global pandemic that caused a massive increase in the number of online activities around the world.

The most common example of an online ransomware episode is where the intruders hack some part of the networking system to blackmail the company by paying them large sums of money. The cybercriminals infect all the machines/devices and set an unbreakable cryptography lock on them so that the documents become inaccessible to the company. Just in case, the company does not agree to pay their ransomware, the intruders completely destroy their system.

Unfortunately, most companies agree to pay ransomware in order to protect their confidential data. In some cases, the cybercriminals take all the money but still blackmail the company to pay more to grant complete access to their networking systems, or devices. Thankfully, the US government is fully aware of the increasing number of online ransomware attempts, therefore, the tech experts are working on inventing even more advanced technologies to protect various types of networking systems, and online databases, throughout the state.

AI-Powered Tools for Cyber-Security

According to a survey conducted by Identity Theft Resource Center, there’s been a significant increase in the overall rate of cybercrime cases during last year as compared to 2020. For example, in the initial 9 months of 2021, the total ‘reported’ cases of data breaches were 1,291, which is far more than the total of the entire year’s cybercrimes in 2020, which was 1,108 breaches only.

Due to this drastic increase, several tech brands in the industry are investing a whopping sum of money to produce different AI-Powered machines. The whole idea is to identify any suspicious, or out-of-the-ordinary activity in the corporate networking systems. Interestingly, most of these AI-Powered tools have a processing unit and mechanism pretty similar to the ones that are already being used in various accounting/banking firms to detect scamming activities or financial frauds. However, the only difference is that the recent AI tools in making are much more powerful and advanced than the already existing ones.

The best advantage of AI-Powered machines is that they can identify hundreds of online crimes occurring every second, which is obviously not possible for security experts. Although that is extremely beneficial for organizations, in the long run, the main hurdle is that cybercriminals have also gotten fully aware of the already existing AI tools and machines that are used to identify their crimes. Therefore, they are working on inventing even more complex, and high-end technologies for their phishing and hacking attempts.

This is another reason why you can expect a significant upgrade in all types of existing AI-Powered tools in 2022. From security robots and analytics machines to facial detection tools, the tech market is all set to feature a whole new collection of high-end AI-Powered machines in the current year.

However, you need to remember that only relying on AI-Powered tools isn’t enough for your PC or networking systems. So, in order to protect your online data from viruses, malware, and cyber threats, you need to install high-performing antivirus software on your computer. Simply browse through some of the most reliable tech sites to find the best antivirus software for your PC and download it for a safer online experience. But before that, please make sure that you connect to a robust and high-coverage internet connection like RCN internet so that you can enjoy the prompt installation of the software.

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Increased Security for Cloud Servers

There’s little to no doubt in the fact that most businesses these days rely on the cloud to form a reliable backup of their online data. However, due to the ever-growing rate of online crimes across the globe, the cloud is no more as secure as it sounds. For example, most cloud services on the market do not provide essential security features such as encryption, authentication, or audit logging. Needless to mention, it certainly indicates a higher risk of online phishing attempts or intruding.

Another common example is of those specific cloud services where companies do not have proper data restriction rights for different users. For example, they cannot restrict their documents from other employees that share the same space on the cloud as their line managers, other teammates, etc. This is the most crucial reason why IT experts keep taking new safety measures to tighten up the overall security standards of the cloud in 2022. Every now and then, we notice more effective and advanced security solutions in the form of cloud database updates on our systems. It certainly indicates that IT experts are trying to launch better solutions to level up the security standards of cloud servers.

Machine Learning Algorithms

Finally, last but not the least, Machine Learning is another integral element when it comes to upgrading cybersecurity solutions in different parts of the world. The most significant advantage of Machine Learning is that it allows security experts to detect even the slightest traces of cybercrimes immediately on the go, at much lower rates.

The most interesting part about ML is that it relies on specific patterns and algorithms that help respond to and anticipate active cyberattacks in real-time. For instance, these ML algorithms help the devices to detect several types of cyber-threat patterns immediately. Once the machine saves these behavioral patterns, it becomes much easier for the security experts to detect/prevent the same types of attacks in the future, especially by the same servers.

The Bottom-Line

Besides our top four picks of cyber-security trends for the current year, you might also notice a drastic increase in the execution of end-to-end encryption, audit logins, or maybe AI-powered tools like robotics, facial recognition, etc. to prevent future cyber-attacks.

However, you need to remember that relying on these AI-Powered tools or devices only to maintain your online data privacy and protection isn’t enough. There are tons of other security measures as well that you can take to protect your online data from scamming, hacking, or ransomware attacks. For instance, you can avoid clicking on scam emails, irrelevant URLs, repetitive ads, etc. Or simply download an ad-blocker to avoid irrelevant advertisements.

Finally, you can also subscribe to a secure and reliable internet connection like RCN internet which allows you to enjoy safe browsing, gaming, and streaming 24/7.

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