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Best Tips for you to avoid the wrong turns while melting chocolate properly

Know that when you are tempering a batch of chocolate when your mother of the bride phones you, tucking a phone between your face and shoulder. You finish up tempering while distracted by the phone.

The worst thing can happen in this place can be reversible in certain situations. The following are the worst-case situations.


There is no water content in chocolate. Chocolate is averse to water. When it comes to melted chocolate, even the tiniest drop of water may doom it. That drop of water will quickly dissolve the crystal structure of the whole bowl of chocolate, and you will end up with a gritty, fractured mess that can’t be saved.

When it comes to making chocolate, this is the worst possible scenario. You should use dough extruder to melt your chocolate while maintaining legit guideline.


Your chocolate is cooling while you are tempering, and you are wondering what to do next. If you are wondering what will happen if you go below 81 degrees Fahrenheit by accident or what happens when you reheat it.

Know that according to professionals, it is advised for everyone to reheat it to 115 degrees Fahrenheit and start afresh if any above-mentioned situations happen. You may choose dough extruder to temper the chocolate.


Chocolate “burning” is a term used by pastry chefs and confectioners. If you heat the chocolate to 145°F (62°C) or higher, this is what happens. Actually, the chocolate isn’t burning, but it is breaking down to the point where it will become unsalvageable.

If your chocolate reaches this point, you will have to go back to the shop and buy a new batch, just like with water.

Can chocolate chips be tempered?

Baked chocolate chips are made to maintain their form. This is accomplished by raising the chocolate’s melting point with soy lecithin. Bar chocolate, on the other hand, has a higher percentage of cocoa butter.

As a result, they are difficult to work with when it comes to tempering and coating. Attempting to temper with chocolate chips is not recommended.

How to make chocolate that’s hard and smooth at the same time-

The seeding and classic tabling techniques of tempering chocolate are the two most used ways. As a beginner, it is advised to use the seeding technique. You don’t need a lot of specific equipment to do it.

You may also try the tabling technique if you would want to feel like a master chocolatier. As an alternative, using a sous vide immersion circulator allows you to get tempered chocolate with less work and cleanup.

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