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A Guide To Getting An S Pass

An s pass is a blessin for technicians and skilled workers as this is what allows them to get hired by well-paying companies from Singapore. The S pass is specially designed for the people who do not live in Singapore and are technicians or mid-level skilled workers.

The Eligibility Criteria

  • The application for an S pass has many different criteria on which it is judged, and this can differ from company to company.
  • A minimum salary of 2400 in Singapore’s currency must be given to an s pass holder per anum. However, the minimum payment must depend on the person’s skill level, experience, and age.
  • Educational requirements should also be met to get an S pass. A person should hold the necessary diplomas or equivalent certificates that might be required for the position he wants to work at.
  • Another key factor is experience. The person should have proper work experience.

The Better Way To Work In Singapore

This pass can get you a proper source of income and help ensure that you are getting a decent amount of money for the work you are doing. This is ensured because the minimum wage is fixed under this pass.

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